Your Body Tempature [Ado]


Every night i crazy hear a song from Ado (J-pop singer). I don't know why but whenever i hear it keep me calm and relax. 

The meaning song:

Those colors shining vividly
Were captured and they ceased moving
Losing them is painful
So I pursued illusions of them

I heard your voice that made me nostalgic
Now it's merely a distant echo
I wish for the warmth of our connected hands
Which conveyed our love

The flowers bloom, the moon turned full
The scene has been repainted again
It was here, your warmth
One day, it'll be forgotten as it turns cold, that's it

I walk down familiar streets alone
Searching for you in places even though you're not there
Beautiful memories flickered
Making me close my eyes

If only my mouth
Cannot change the future
If my outstretched arm is recognized
There will be sorrowful lies once more

Flowers wither, the moon vanishes
Another season has passed away
It was here beside me, your presence
But it has disappeared, as if it wasn't there

We had promised for eternity
When the end of momentum wastes away
When winter ends and spring blooms
When summer sets and autumn sleeps
We'll meet each other agreeably
Is that day even likely to come ?

I have always, always
Wanted to laugh with you

Lonely nights and the mornings, too
Someone repainted me
That is alright, your warmth
When I sleep, it'll soon be forgotten
Good bye, beloved you
Because I can't turn back, I'll disappear


Macehh sudi komen blog kitee!!


  Seem like my writing style has been stop for a while.